Appetizers are Always Welcome! Part One - Crab Dip
It seems that it's time to post some appetizer recipes. I have to say that I LOVE appetizers. In fact sometimes, I would rather eat appetizers than a real meal. I have come to the realization that it is because you can just get so creative with them. Several types are usually required when entertaining. The ingredients are never boring, and spices are fun and well, SPICY!!! It can be inspiring to create and design an appetizer platter. Food can be a fabulous part of the edible and memorable "decorations" for a party as well.
Since it is New Year's Eve Day * (This post was edited on 1-5-11 as my recipes did not show on the original post! Sorry!) I thought I would share a couple of Appetizer recipes that I have collected over the years. My Mom Sharon called me yesterday and asked me to give her that Yummy Hot crab appetizer recipe that I made last year for them. I had to pause for a moment because I actually could not remember which one that she was talking about. But this gave me the chance to go through some of the great recipes and so when I made a copy of them for her, I thought that I would share them with you too. If you can't make them for tonight, then try to make at least one over the weekend. ENJOY!
These first two recipes are from one of my favorite little mini books printed by Oxmoor House for Southern Living called "Ultimate Book of Appetizers" The last one is a crab dip that you serve cold that was published first in Southern Living Magazine in April of 2004.
Crab Dip Recipes1-11

Crab Cakes & Lime Garlic Shrimp & Mango Salsa Recipe1-11

Fall Recipes for Halloween and Game Day Tailgating 
TGIF! Now that football weather is here, Here are some handy treat ideas to make for tailgating or "Game Day" parties. You know you have to design a party and that includes the details of good food to serve your guests. It should be fun, delicious tasting and most importantly get you out of the kitchen quick! 

These recipes easy to make ahead, they taste yummy! 
  Pumpkin Dip
  Pumpkin Cheese Ball 
  And Chocolate Mint Brownie Pie 
are all favorites at my house. I have also included a recipe for Goblin Hotdogs. Super Easy and the Kids will love it!

I will add some more good recipes so keep coming back or subscribe to my blog, click on the button below. Also to give credit where credit is due, most of these recipes came from my cache of Southern Living Recipes over the years. They have the absolute best test kitchen and publish great recipes in their magazine.If you are ever looking for a certain kind of dish to cook, be sure to go to their website and check out their recipe archives.  I don't think I've ever had one not turn out. My Grandma Esther used to swear by her "Deadly but Delicious Pecan Pie" that she made from a recipe in SL magazine 30+years ago. I'll post that one before Thanksgiving. Enjoy and have fun with these recipes.

Click on this link to view and download some recipes: 

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