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January is Double Hostess Reward Month

Our first Willow House Spring catalog is fabulous and with more than fifty new products, our Hosts will enjoy new decorative accessories, stylish ways to organize, and ideas galore from our talented designers and stylists. Hosts can ring in the year by earning 20-40% of party sales in FREE products while hosting a Willow House party. So what does this mean? Treat yourself to a shopping spree! 
Lets say you have a $500 dollar show which is our national party average. You would earn not 15% which is an awesome $75 dollars but 30% Free with Double Hostess Rewards!  This means that you would get $150 dollars worth of Free Products as well as our Hostess Reward 70% off any product in the catalog and 2 items at half price.
Give your customers the best gift of the season — the chance to earn free products by inviting them to be a Willow House Host in January.

Hosting a Willow House Show 
Yes, It's all about the FREE STUFF when you host a Willow House Show! LOL- It really is, as my hosts earn FREE PRODUCTS when they host with Willow House.  The best part is, as a Host, you also get to choose one item and purchase it at 70% off the retail price!

Let me give you an example -One of the most expensive items at Willow House is the set of two Bradford Lattice Lanterns or Graymont Party Bucket and Stand priced at $145.96 - when you host a show it's only $43.78, which is quite frankly, a steal! One of the most popular hostess items, The Savannah Beverage Server is $124.96 and when you host, it will only cost you $37.98! WOW!
If you are thinking about hosting a show with Willow House, you should know that hosting in your home is the best way to get the most Hostess Rewards. But, if you can't host one in your home or a friend or family's home and still want to get all those Free Host rewards and that 70% off any item in the catalog, then a Virtual Catalog Show is what you should do! Here's our Host Rewards sheet:
The downside to this is, that you will have to "work it" yourself rather than me, your WH Design Consultant. You will need to share the catalog with others personally and follow up with your guest about the online invites that you sent out. 

Remember, every guest can also have their own special when they purchase $39.96 in products. They can get an additional item worth $40 for 50% off

You will want to take advantage of using my Willow House web site as you can use the Host Central Area. Once you have contacted me about hosting a show, I will send you a link to your own personal spot in my web site. There you can fill out and send evites to your guests. You want to do this, because when you send evites from my site, they are automatically linked back to my site and your show. It makes it easy for your guest to order.

So contact me today and let's get started on hosting a show at your home!

Welcome to the Future. Welcome to Willow House
-Simply Good Design.
Here is Information about Starting Your Own Business with Willow House. Willow House is a business for the 21st Century. It's the World's First Social Media Direct Selling Company with Products for your Home and Lifestyle. You will discover a whole new way to shop online with an expanding collection of enhanced eBoutiques. Beautiful Products for your Home and Life! At Willow House, we believe in a philosophy of Simply Good Design.

There’s never been a better time to become a Design Consultant! Our parties have never been larger or more fun, and we’ve never had more exciting news to share. With our first online Boutique right around the corner and our community style sharing sites soon to follow, we’re filled with excitement and can’t wait to share our enthusiasm with you and your potential new Consultants.
Join Now for just $99!
Buy our new Mini Consultant Kit and start your own business for only $99! This offer is good through the end of February 2011. We have included several of our most popular products- they never fail to impress our customers and they'll look great in any home.
We also have a Brand new Spring 2011 New Consultant Kit containing 18 products which retail for over $550, available for $199.
With Willow House, Your Future can Begin Today!
We are looking for Entrepreneurs- who want to own and build a successful business. Know someone? Please share this information with them, then contact me today! Want to know more? Read below.
2011_StarterKitFlier_s Details:
$199 Starter Kit or $99 Mini Kit
25% Immediate Profit
5% Business Supply Credits plus FREE Hostess Rewards,
NO Inventory, NO Software Fees, NO Credit Card Fees,
90 day free trial of Personal Website and Customer newsletter when you sign up by 30 days after enrollment.
Great Incentives!!! Trips, Products, Cash...PLUS much much more!

Willow House launched August 4,2010. Be at the Beginning of an Amazing Business Opportunity! Join my "Incredibles" Team at Willow House- the World's 1st Social Media Direct Selling Company and Re-invent your life.
Pam Ansted Uller- Independent Willow House Design Consultant 
Group Team Leader- The Incredibles Willow House Team part of the Home Team.
Pam's Email Address Link:    PamatWillowhouse@aol.com 
Send your name and phone number, I'll get back with you ASAP.
Web site: Pamlau1.willowhouse.com  or
Check out my Business Facebook Page:  Pam Ansted Uller, Independent Willow House Design Consultant

In October we launched our new eCatalog and eOutlet on our personal consultant websites.Check mine out now: http://Pamlau1.willowhouse.com We have incredible new specials every week. Our coffee house blog, Willow House Live TV and our first eBoutique with Berghoff partnering with us will be launching by the end of January 2011 in just a few months!  You will love this Swedish Company's products!

What Makes Willow House Different? -Everything!
Willow House is the only Community Commerce business opportunity in the world. They stand alone as the fourth generation of business model in Direct Marketing- emerging as the world's first social media direct selling company. 
Willow House combines an exciting new party-plan business with a rich media community full of ideas and a growing number of enhanced eCommerce boutiques.
Willow House is a brand new company that was built around the merger of Southern Living at Home and Entertaining at Home, both leaders in the Direct Marketing business selling home decor and entertaining products. 
Curious about the opportunity? Hear about it from the top. ( Fast F 8:44 min)
What's Willow House? Click to Listen to Bill Shaw, President 

At Willow House, We believe strongly in the philosophy of Good Design. Good Design is something that will last, passing from one generation to the next. A well designed product should make you happy each time you use it- in fact, each time you look at it. Good design should be acceptable and affordable, because the days of fussy and overpriced products are gone forever.
As a Design Consultant, you will help your customers identify their personal decorating style and learn about the latest design and seasonal trends and how Willow House can help.
Customers can Buy online through your website or - Host an incredible evening with their friends & Earn Free & Discounted products. 

You are a Design Consultant and can learn even more through Willow House's Design Consultant Development and Recognition program.
Here are more innovations:
-Lower Shipping and Handling rates
-Hosts and Customers can choose their own specials
-Guest and Hosts  can place outside orders through eCatalog and eOutlet Shopping
-Better relationships with Customers through enhanced website experience
-Expand your business with eBoutiques
-Unprecedented earning potential through 8 revenue streams
-Starting November you can really own your own business

Looking for a new Opportunity? Join my Incredibles Team on this amazing journey reinventing your life as we reinvent an industry.
Join us as we launch our new company- with a new 4th generation business model! Willow House is Simply the Best New Business Opportunity Around.

Pam Ansted Uller- Independent Willow House Design Consultant 
Group Team Leader- The Incredibles Willow House Team part of the Home Team.
Pam's Email Address Link:    PamatWillowhouse@aol.com
Leave your name and phone number, I'll get back with you ASAP.