About Pam

I love my life and look forward to sharing all kinds of Creative Design with you. I hope you will enjoy my Create and Decorate Blog. I hope that you will become inspired by reading my blog and realize that we all can create beauty around us with a few simple tips. 
My posts will cover everything from Interior Design such as designing a centerpiece for your table, hosting a creative fun party for a special occasion; or Graphic Design such as unique invitations or developing a stylish logo plus corporate and online identity for your business. I will give my advice on Creative Design that Works! which is the tag line for Ashford Design.  I hope that you will share your thoughts and follow me on this fun interactive experience.

My name is Pam Ansted Uller. I have been an Art Director and Graphic Designer for over 25 years. I worked for many years designing and winning awards in the Automotive Advertising and Marketing Industry. I left the corporate world and own my own Graphic Design Company - Ashford Design Studio. I design Corporate Identity as well as Art Direct and help small businesses with Advertising, Sales, Marketing, Web Site Development and Interior Design. As I was told by Ian the sales guy at the Apple Store today, "You sound like an Entrepreneur!" and he's right- I am. You can be too! I'll give you some of my thoughts on this subject.

On a whim 8 years ago I hosted a Southern Living at Home Show, then decided to join their company as a consultant as I loved all the products! It has been a wonderful and lucrative job that I love for many reasons. Now that SLAH has become Willow House, I am looking forward to sharing not only all of the wonderful products and all of their uses, but also to share the latest design trends and how we can make your own personal style for your home and entertaining for your friends and family better than ever!
Make sure to check out my Willow House web site, we have lots of exciting things happening. Basically my site will be it's own village of communities that you will have access to: http://Pamlau1.willowhouse.com Although we work the main portion of our business by sharing our products through parties in homes, you do not have to have a show to buy from me.
You can check out my Shopping area where you can shop through our Catalog,then order right online. We also have an eOutlet where you will see some very fine retired products that we have put on sale- typically 40- 75% off! 
By the end of January we plan to launch Willow House TV which will be our own online television station, where you will be able to watch all kinds of videos about design, decorating and organization ideas. I guarantee you will love it! We also will be starting an eBoutique- where we will have online partners that are complimentary to our business. Berghoff a European company which sells award winning design of green friendly cookware and cooking products. We are also developing a coffee house chat area where you will be able to post live and look through blogs we find of interest.