Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hosting a Willow House Show with Pam

Yes, It's all about the FREE STUFF when you host a Willow House Show! LOL- It really is, as my hosts earn FREE PRODUCTS when they host with Willow House.  The best part is, as a Host, you also get to choose one item and purchase it at 70% off the retail price!
Let me give you an example -One of the most expensive items at Willow House is the Graymont Party Bucket and Stand priced at $145.96 - when you host a show it's only $43.78, which is quite frankly, a steal! One of the most popular hostess items, The Savannah Beverage Server is $119.96 and when you host, it will only cost you $35.98! WOW!

If you are thinking about hosting a show with Willow House, you should know that hosting in your home is the best way to get the most Hostess Rewards. But, if you can't host one in your home or a friend or family's home and still want to get all those Free Host rewards and that 70% off any item in the catalog, then a Virtual Catalog Show is what you should do! Here's our Host Rewards sheet:
The downside to this is, that you will have to "work it" yourself rather than me, your WH Design Consultant. You will need to share the catalog with others personally and follow up with your guest about the online invites that you sent out. 

Remember, every guest can also have their own special when they purchase $39.96 in products. They can get an additional item worth $40 for 50% off

You will want to take advantage of using my Willow House web site as you can use the Host Central Area. 
Once you have contacted me about hosting a show, I will send you a link to your own personal spot in my web site. There you can fill out and send evites to your guests. You want to do this, because when you send evites from my site, they are automatically linked back to my site and your show. It makes it easy for your guest to order.

So contact me today and let's get started on hosting a show at your home!

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